Ms. Santa: The Role of An Elf

Seldom overlooked is a short story never been told about the unraveled, uncelebrated and the unappreciated little helper of the real Santa Claus is now about to be unfold.

Ms. Santa: The Role of An ElfMs. Santa: The Role of An Elf

Behold the unforgettable, beautiful and mesmerizing with long hair, Ms. Santa Claus. Discover and uncover her masked disguise. All dressed, dolled up and specially gift wrapped in her little red and white fitted hat and tiny yet tenacious Santa’s outfit.

Ms. Santa: The Role of An ElfMs. Santa: The Role of An Elf

Christmas colored festive ornaments beautifully dressed and lit with painted lips. Tempting and presenting a sweet candy cane treat. Highlighted hair with painted eyebrows, eyelashes carefully manicured. Ms. Claus, the gorgeous one gets all the attention, the praise and the glory. The precious one bearing gifts deep inside her bra and down her leg stockings where one will find them stuffed with exotic fruits and special presents for only a good and lucky elf could ever imagine and afford.

Ms. Santa: The Role of An ElfMs. Santa: The Role of An Elf

Cool, calm and collective very smooth in everything she does. For an entire year she keeps her list a secret, checking it, not once but twice, keeping in mind who’s deserving, naughty and those who are nice. So, be on your best behavior or beware my little teddy bear tyke. The weather can get extremely cold during Christmas, especially at night. Just keep in mind, her scented red candle offering comes with a price.  

Ms. Santa: The Role of An ElfMs. Santa: The Role of An Elf

 He’s a fish caught on a hook attached with sparkling lights. A fox with a long netted list of demands you’ll soon come to sorely understand. If her demands are not met, and should Ms. Claus get upset she’ll turn green before your eyes and snatch away your Christmas like the infamous grinch. So make sure your money is long and plenty. An elf will have to dig deep to come up with a brand new pretty and shiny penny. Poor little elf will be left with lint for his pockets right after a delicious skewered meal of beef and lamb, en brochette.

Ms. Santa: The Role of An ElfMs. Santa: The Role of An Elf

Lovely and passionate as she looks you in your eyes. Santa is smart, educated, strong and will leave you hypnotized. Have you ever seen a little man struggling, drinking water and popping pills with a bounty over his head while walking up a hill? Can an elf shrink and become any smaller after he has paid another expensive bill he cannot afford? Sadly, he’s only best remembered for the last Coach or Prada bag he has carried or purchased. Why not just call the elf by his real name, a volunteer or trusted slave.

imageMs. Santa: The Role of An Elf

 He’s not Santa’s trump on a stump. No, he’s the elf placed upon a shelf; one who’s always ready, willing and able when Santa needs him. He sits there with that stupid foolish grin and does what he is told. “Yes dear, right away dear. May I fold and bag your clothes?” The role of an elf, magnified, perhaps two fold.

Ms. Santa: The Role of An ElfMs. Santa: The Role of An Elf

Bright lights and big city dreams. All dressed in red. Things are not what it seems. The life of an elf and a dog is similar. Pat him on his head. Watch him wag his little tail. The things men will eat and do all for a Scooby Doo treat. All for a woman’s attention, love and affection has some men bending over like a fool while looking in the wrong direction.

Ms. Claus: The Role of An ElfMs. Santa: The Role of An Elf

Merry Christmas 


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…


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